Deep(er) Stupid 2004

Last year's Janky Jesus project was a hit in the Fandango camp last year -- lots of people who walked past kicked the ball and got a laugh. We even had a fair number of people asking if they could participate in Deep Stupid this year, so we decided to expand the scope a bit and involve more people in this madness -- Deeper Stupid was born!

When Deep Stupid 2004 rolled around, we decided on a team of 9 people (6 veterans and 3 virgins) with the goal of building another in-camp interactive project. Aided by three drivers (Thanks Sweetpea, Fucky and Captain Pous!), too much LSD and grandiose plans for deep stupidity we set out to create a Burning Man project in one day.

Initially, we discussed the children's game Jacks, but decided it would be hard to scale up. We thought about 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, but the idea of building an oversized game of Kerplunk! grabbed our attention most. Kerplunk! is the game where you poke a bunch of sticks into a clear cylinder, pile a bunch of marbles on top, and pull the sticks out while trying to not let any of the marbles drop.

We quickly divided into Team Shaft to build the cylindrical container and Team Sticks & Balls to find the right balls and construct the sticks to poke through the cylinder. Team Sticks & Balls headed to the dollar store and toy stores and Team Shaft headed to Home Despot...

... while peaking on acid.

With our cat herders we're off to search for the needed materials...