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During the first assembly of the mobile we finally came upon the true meaning of the project. Instead of us hanging our pieces of art into the mobile, we decided that we should leave the mobile out on the open playa and let random participants come and hang their own art pieces into our mobile. We plan to provide a screwdriver at the mobile to allow people to come and hang their peices of art, and then rebalance the mobile.

Thus, the mobile will catch random art floating about in the Burning Man world, much like a fish trawler will catch the fish floating about the sea. With these thoughts we collectively smiled and called the project: The Trawler

The Trawler ends up being a doubly interactive toy for the playa. First, anyone can play with the trawler and tug on the pieces of art and have the art wiggle and float in front of them. And secondly, any artist can come to the trawler to hang their own art and rebalance the mobile!

Standing 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide, constructed of sturdy metal pipes and chains, the trawler will support up to 16 pieces of art of a similar size. For larger (or smaller) pieces of art, some of the sections may be taken off (or later added back to) the mobile to keep it balanced.

If you plan to attend Burning Man 2002, please visit the trawler and consider adding a piece of art! The Trawler will be located on the open playa near the innermost road (Esplanade) at about 8:30 - 9:00.

We hope you will get the chance to enjoy our deep stupid art project for 2002!

Sincerely yours,
The Deep Stupid Trip Team

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