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We pretty quickly decided to build a larger than life croquet set for our adventure. Instead of using mallets we decided that battering rams would be best suited for our version of the game. Instead of tiny balls, we choose oversized gymnasic balls that are partially filled with water to ensure that they don't behave as you'd like them to, and that mother nature can't make off the with balls:

As wickets we decided to use 8 foot sections of 1/4 inch PVC pipe, with two pieces of rebar as anchors. The black tube serves as the goal-post, and the white/gold tubes are the battering rams we've created. We will have 6 different battering rams, each of a theme:

Along with the 6 battering rams, we will have 6 balls so that 6 teams of two people can play a game. The complete set includes 10 wickets, two goal posts, and six 20-30 pound balls for six teams to play together.

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