Deep Stupid 2001

What do you get when you mix one chemist, three engineers, ample Burning Man spirit and a healthy dose of LSD?

Trouble. That's what.

We all felt like we wanted to take a day off and enjoy a good trip. However, given that Burning Man was about 35 days away, we felt that it might be a good idea to combine our Burning Man energy with psychedelics and come up with a project for the playa while tripping balls.

Our goal was to drop acid and as we came on, decide what kind of project we could take on while being high. We had to decide what to work on, design it in detail, go to the hardware store and procure the needed materials and then built the project -- all in the fierce grip of LSD!

Hmmm. Just think. Hardware store on acid. Trouble? You bet!

Find out what we came up with...